twylas house.

Wednesday around 9:20am, twyla said COME OVER NOW! I literally responded in seconds with, ill be there by 10:30am! (I would have gotten there faster but ya know, 57 miles in 15 minutes is quite obscure) But that is us..that is usually how it goes down. every single time. only because our schedules are so busy so its like we throw it into the universe to see what happens and the fact that Jessica was there at the house visiting all the way from Michigan was a freaking BONUS! from one self portrait lover to another! I get to meet the queen! ahhh!!! how are these two talented woman my friends! Jessica and I had a chat about the "internet", and how this social media world is so small and ridiculous and amazing all at once; in a good and bad way but more of a good way because we get to meet people we only dreamt about meeting! its just a testament to put that good energy in the universe and you could really meet amazing like minded people all the time! my heart is so full. 


I was so happy to know that Chloe and chase - jess's kids, were there with her along with Oscar and Ari of course! oh and my guy Noah P!  I was so ready to photograph all of them together! 


its about to go down.

shit gets real when Noah takes off his shirt.. 

you ever feel like you needed to do something to set you on fire, to get you up and running again. I need it all the time. & this was it. it was a new place to photograph, new faces other than the ones I see everyday. our day to day routines and constantly trying to find time for everything can become repetitious very fast. so being able to photograph something somewhere else was electrifying. 

Dropping 10 pounds, preparing for summer. 

RIP twylas Amazon box.....

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