the stranger series

two people who never met, who never seen one another before, who instantly gave off an undeniable connection, pure freaking magic.  i can't believe i got to capture it. as a photographer it was the very best day of my life.  


It was great to just watch them get more and more comfortable as we kept shooting. they stared touching one another more and laughing-- basically laughing at me because i was telling horrible knock knock jokes.. or i would tell her to choke him, my inner freak came out i guess. i think i took 12gbs of photos (because duh shooting RAW is the best way to go) 

i had this mirror vision for a super long time -- i always feel like people perform better in front of a mirror --  however, in this case they had already nailed it so for them it was a way to take a deeper look at themselves -- seeing them a bit out of focus and flawed was so beautiful.