The Manning Family | Lifestyle Family Session at the park | Royal Palm Beach, Florida

I put a model call on a local yard sale site a few weeks back looking for families who wanted photos done, of course I would get a bazillion people wanting free photos, that was a no brainer however, I wasn't prepared for how many bazillion good looking families responded- yes, who doesn't want free photos right?? shit pick me, I want free photos LOL! I knew quickly that if I want to succeed in this business i have to put every single ounce of effort  towards being the best photographer I can be, and yes that is sometimes giving away a full session, for people to see what i am capable of, what i can create, the emotions i can capture in front of my lens. you get a free session!! you get a free session!! 

So, the Mannings show up, and let me tell you- they showed out!! Not only are their kids actual models but Mom and dad were the most beautiful, god fearing, football watching close knit happy family I have met thus far. I loved them from the moment I met them! they rocked my free session world!! 

Brittany DejesusComment